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Cross-Cultural Competence

Cross-Cultural Trainings – Focus on China and East Asia

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Cross-Cultural Training – what does it mean in 2016? And what is it good for anyway?
Am I cross-culturally competent if I know how to greet in Japan? Or if I am aware that changes to a signed contract are quite usual in China? Why is it still bothering me then? How come I feel I have been taken for a ride?
Most cross-cultural trainings aim to achieve understanding the different culture – they explain where the differences are and how to behave correctly. Content is insightful and interesting but still – their effect doesn’t last too long.

The most important aspect of cross-cultural competence though – the inner attitude – mostly gets neglected or ignored altogether. Much more important than focussing on differences and understanding them is knowing yourself and your basic beliefs and assumptions. You need to know your comfort zone and be able to “step out” if a situation is unfamiliar and stressful. And that is something you can learn.

In my cross-cultural trainings

  • you will get to know yourself and your (personal and cultural) values and cultural standards
  • you will experiment with your comfort zone



  • you will practice to distinguish between observation and interpretation
  • you will discover what it means to do business with Germans
  • you will get to know body-oriented coaching and learn how to use it to “step out” off difficult situations
  • you will explore heaps of fascinating, curious and dubious aspects of your own culture
  • you will learn how to deal with international teams (“authentic flexibility”)
  • you will develop effective communication methods
  • you will get a deep insight into diverse business etiquettes and routines (Germany, China, Japan, Latin America etc.)

Are you aiming to start a cooperation with your company or agency in the East Asian region? Or are you already in the middle of it but it’s not going so well? Are you working for a educational provider and are planning to feature a seminar or workshop in their curriculum? Contact me and I am happy to show you how I can support you: training@rikepaetzold.de