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Define your coordinates. Set sail. Gain momentum.


In seafaring and in life – without compass you are lost. If the captain doesn’t know his position and coordinates the boat will just drift anywhere and worst case – it will run aground or hit a reef and sink.

Where is your North?


When did you last have a look at your inner compass? Do you even know where you were last holding it in your hands? You are a hard working and successful leader, you have some important decisions to make and you feel somehow stuck? You are missing the ‘flow’, your family and your personal life is beginning to suffer and you are wondering how you got there and why you are doing what you are doing?

Look at your Compass and Walk your why


Susan David the renowned psychologist of Harvard Medical School describes the necessity of knowing one’s values and to act accordingly. If you know why you do what you do, your many vague so-called ‘have-to-goals’ (things you have to do) will be reduced to only a few but very clear ‘want-to-goals’ (things you want to do).

If you want what you do, you can do what you want.


So if you know where your North is you can be a much more effective and efficient leader. But not only that, knowing your goals and your values improves about every aspect that is needed in a leadership personality to not only get ahead but to leapfrog your competitors:

  • be a more effective and efficient leader
  • take strong decisions
  • prioritize
  • communicate more clearly with your team
  • gain a strong and decisive leadership presence
  • improve your work-life-balance

Knowing your North will improve the way how you live, love and lead. Sounds interesting? The good news is, it’s very straightforward: I designed my Compass Coaching package with you as a busy leader in mind. Contact me and I’ll tell you more: kontakt@rikepaetzold.de