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Do you know what’s possible?


With this little story I will show you how easy it is to underestimate your real potential and how useful it is to engage someone from outside who can give you a whole new perspective on what’s possible.

You might be as surprised as we were:

We are a sailing family.


Our boat is a sturdy Danish yacht with 2 masts that is 30 years old. We bought her because of her stability and her layout – as a family of four she seemed to be the perfect live-aboard boat.

Speed wasn’t one of our requirements. Sure, we wanted to sail and being able to cross the Atlantic in two weeks instead of three would be nice but as so often in life you need to prioritize. We thought.

We have sailed Ponyo – that’s our boat – for the last two years and we considered anything above six knots decent speed. Eight knots would seriously excite us and on those very rare occasions when the log displayed anything above eight we were ecstatic. And also a liiittle worried (‚Should we reef?’ ‚Are we going too fast’? ‚Is she going to surf soon?’ ‚Will she broach??’).

For any non-sailors: the average speed of a sailing boat is somewhere between five and eight knots (not catamarans, they are usually much faster). And if you are going too fast there is always the risk of broaching which can cause damage to boat and crew. Hence we were always fast to put in a reef (or two) to reduce pressure on the sails therefore reducing speed in strong winds.

We had no idea about our boat’s real potential


And then Giorgos – our Greek friend – joined us last month for a ten-day-sail between the Canary Islands. He’s a sailor through and through and he didn’t have the same reservations as we had. The day we set sail the wind was strong, almost too strong and hadn’t it been for Giorgos we would have put in at least the second reef.

We had never dared to find out how much Ponyo can heel over and still be controllable.

We simply didn’t know.

So back to Giorgos. He was obvioulsy enjoying himself immensely and he when we wanted to reef he suggested we should give it a little longer. He is a very experienced sailor so we agreed.

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing


The log showed 10.

Then 11.

12 – we didn’t believe what we were seeing.

13 knots – no that can’t be right.

14 knots – we were practically flying! And guess what: we weren’t surfing, Ponyo was still steerable. She cut through the waves like a knife through butter, even though we were heeling over to more than 50 degrees.

And we would have never found out without someone else showing us our boat’s potential.

So my question for you: Are you sure you fully understand the real potential of your „boat“?


Have you ever had the idea to ask an external professional to show you what more is possible?

Have you ever dreamt of taking risks and sailing faster while at the same time still being able to handle the outcome?

I am Rike Pätzold and as a specialist for change and transformation I show leaders and executives how to

  • tap their full potential
  • successfully navigate through transformation and change processes
  • to enhance their leadership presence and create their own and unique leadership personality
  • improve their communication skills
  • lead more effectively and efficiently
  • handle work-life-balance much better and prevent burnout
  • live, lead and love more successfully

Interested? Then contact me and we’ll see how I can be of help! kontakt@rikepaetzold.de


The Seasick Sailoress

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