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Inter-relational Skills

My content – Your benefit:


These humans! Your colleague is a pain and your boss has it in for you, your co workers are pulling ahead of you with their career – reason enough for frustration and a grumpy mood, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Most problems ignite themselves because of a relationship and vice versa. Clarifying the level of relationship in most cases means solving the problem – if it hasn’t disappeared altogether!

In this seminar you will learn an astonishingly effective method: the Vermeulen-Analysis-Model (VAM). Through body work techniques, methods from Gestalt and specific communication techniques you are going to bring in order your “critical relationships”.


What makes it so special? Extremely fast results, self coaching methods and you don’t need the actual person – your boss, partner or colleague – to clarify the relationship. Contact me for a free preliminary talk: coaching@rikepaetzold.de


Seminar content:

  • Vermeulen-Analysis-Model (VAM)
  • Specific communication techniques from coaching
  • Body work techniques
  • Maintaining your capacity to act
  • Clarification of assumptions and expectations
  • Introduction of the Transaction Analysis after Eric Berne