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Rike Pätzold

Compass Coach & Uncertainty Expert

I’m Rike Pätzold, I sail the oceans and I can help you push your boundaries, embrace uncertainty, be courageous and unlock your true potential. Want to know how?

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Are you a maverick at heart?

A visionary?

A disruptive thinker?

You are addicted to life? You are open-minded and adventurous? You don’t care for others telling you how to do things? You like to leave convention behind and explore new ways, you like to cause disruption?

You have dozens of great ideas that your friends and colleagues admire and appreciate you for? You love to improvise and you are really good at it?

But unfortunately more often than not you hold back because you come up with as many reasons why you can’t do it?

Because you are afraid to fail?
Because the outcome is too uncertain?

Imagine what you would do

if you couldn’t fail.

If you knew what the outcome was.

Wow, right?

Imagine, there was a way, a method, a tool that would help you walk into your fear, embrace uncertainty and do it anyway – does that sound good?

Then I have good news for you – You already have that tool inside you! You just unlearned how to access it: Your inner compass. Without your compass you are drifting. Just like a boat on the ocean – it’s lost without compass.

“How can this work? What if it doesn’t?!”

What about the kids?!?”


If these are questions that keep you up at night, then I have the perfect gift for you:

The mini Book of Change


With this little work book and its 5 effective exercises you can take action right away and move towards a more fulfilled and less fearful life immediately – guaranteed.

And most importantly: You regain access to your inner compass. 

Coming up!

I’m thrilled to be invited to Dakar, Senegal to facilitate a weekend-workshop in December!

Are you in Dakar and you’d like a boost for your life and your career? Would you like to find out what you really want?

In this weekend-workshop you’ll…

…create your own vision board 

…identify personal obstacles

…learn to overcome limiting self beliefs 

When: 8th/9th of December 2018 (Sat./Sun)

Where: Dakar, Senegal 

For more information contact me: kontakt@rikepaetzold.de


Rike Pätzold Compass Coach Uncertainty Expert Unsicherheitsexpertin


You are a visionary and you want to be really successful? Then you need to know your course and your exact coordinates. Through coaching we define your position, establish your goals and get you going – fast.

Together we work out what steps you need to take to make your vision come true so that you can live a life true to yourself. And live, love and lead more successfully.

Retreats & Workshops

Take a break from your daily life and change your perspective: calibrate your compass, define your North, set sail and gain momentum.

My retreats and workshops are dynamic, effective and sustainable. Take a breath, find yourself and tap your full potential. Always by the sea, always in special places.


Rike Pätzold Compass Coach Vidcast This little trick helps you to be less stressed #2


What is the most important skill of our time? What can we learn from sailing about leading and living? How can you be really successful outside your comfort zone?

How do you bring your life and your career on the right course? These are some of the fascinating questions I speak about – always entertaining, always inspiring.

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Venture further. Discover what’s beyond your horizon.

What would Columbus do?   It was his vision, something he had been dreaming of for more than half of his life before it finally happened: Christopher Columbus was convinced – like fellow visionaries of his time – the earth was a sphere and hence there had to be...

Use your compass. Find your North.

Define your coordinates. Set sail. Gain momentum.   In seafaring and in life – without compass you are lost. If the captain doesn’t know his position and coordinates the boat will just drift anywhere and worst case – it will run aground or hit a reef and...

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Do you know what’s possible?   With this little story I will show you how easy it is to underestimate your real potential and how useful it is to engage someone from outside who can give you a whole new perspective on what’s possible. You might be as surprised...
Rike Pätzold Compass Coach the mini Book of Change

Would you like to find out how to stop being afraid of failure and really thrive?

How to live a life that makes you happy?

Then get the mini Book of Change with 5 powerful exercises to get you going immediately!

Enjoy the book and let it help you get started!

Rike Pätzold Compass Coach the mini Book of Change

Would you like to find out how to stop being afraid of failure and really thrive?

How to live a life that makes you happy?

Then get the mini Book of Change with 5 powerful exercises to get you going immediately!

Enjoy the book and let it help you get started!