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My content – Your benefit:


We all know them: situations when we don’t react like we would like to, when we feel paralyzed and impatient with ourselves. Often we are under a lot of pressure – especially women want to accommodate job and family. Physical and emotional ailments are often the consequence.

Embodiment – body work – offers effective techniques that can be used easily in your every day routine and help you feel serene and “step out” of emotions in an instant.

In this seminar you will learn the basics of embodiment and get to know your sub personalities (inner team members). Together we explore your patterns and practice to break them via body work. You will then be able to maintain your ability to act and stay calm in stressful situations. Co-workers benefit because of a significantly improved team atmosphere and they learn how to recognize and hence leave their ruts.



By getting to know your body you will know how to “read” signals and to react timely. For the team that means less frictional loss, less burnout outages and more energy for important things.

Seminar content:

  • „Self-coaching“ through the Inner Team and the Voice Dialogue Method
  • Embodiment: Basics and practice of effective techniques
  • Discovery of your Comfort Zone, Learning Zone and Panic Zone
  • Breaking your patterns by triggering new synapses in your brain

3×3 hours is all it usually takes – contact me now for more information: coaching@rikepaetzold.de