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Speaking and inspiring others are my passion.


My topic?

How to embrace Uncertainty.

Uncertainty is one of the biggest characteristics of today’s world. Times are changer faster and faster and no one can predict what will happen in 5 years, let alone 10 or 20 years. We send our kids to schools and think we know what competences they will need once they graduate.

But the truth is: we don’t know, we cannot know, in fact, we have no idea. A recent study suggested that 60% of the jobs that our kids will have in the future don’t even exist yet. 60%! That means also, companies will change so fundamentally in the way they are organized, lead and what skills they will need and this process has already begun.

 One of the most important skills of these fast changing and complex times is being able to deal with uncertainty. 


Rike Pätzold Uncertainty Expert Compass Coach What lies behind the horizon

I was somehow always drawn to uncertainty.

 And Uncertainty is my thing. I have embraced uncertainty since I was a child.

I have lived in various countries, before and I after I had kids. Never because of a job or because I had to, but purely because I felt it was the right thing to do. The only thing I could hold onto was my deep belief that every of these steps was neccessary. Neccessary for our well-being, our growth and our development.

And this is also what I’ve been coaching and teaching my clients: How to live with uncertainty and how to walk into their fears so that they can help them grow and unlock your true potential.

About a year ago my partner and I decided to buy an old sailboat, restore it and move there.

Since then we have been living on the boat fulltime, sailing the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, have visited various countries and have made new friends. It didn’t go all that smooth: our engine broke down three months into our adventure and we were stuck for almost three more months to get a new engine. We had bad weather, financial setbacks and of course two teenage boys with their ups and downs.

But with every new challenge came a new opportunity. We were forced out of our comfort zone time and again and we learned something new everytime.

And people constantly ask me: “How do you do it?” “Aren’t you afraid?” So I started giving talks about it. How to embrace uncertainty, how to walk into your fear. I talk about the methods I use myself and I teach others. I talk about the lessons we have taken away from sailing and living on a boat. I talk about surrender and growth and how that effects the way we should lead.

My 3 most-liked and sought after talks are:

  • Tolerance of Uncertainty – the most important skill of our time: what it is and how to get it
  • 5 Things sailing can teach us about leadership in the 21st century
  • Idea without concepts – the new art of leadership

With sure instincts, longstanding stage experience and my passion to inspire, enthuse and to move people my talks are never boring! My favourite topics are sailing, leadership, language, East Asia and how to embrace uncertainty.

Sounds like something your event could benefit from?

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