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Rike Pätzold

for successful international teams

Did you know that international teams perform either really well or really terribly? It all depends on how they are trained to work together.

For new teams: Preparation is key. In my 1-day-kick-off workshop your team will get aligned. As a result your team will be able to really hit it off without culture-induced traction loss.

For all other teams: Your team has already been working together for quite some time and things aren’t going as they should? Is it too late for a training? No, not at all! In my team trainings we will take care of existing conflicts, clear relationships and boost your team’s performance.

Don’t take it for granted that cultural differences impair your team’s performance because they don’t need to – the opposite: Diversity can be an extremely effective asset if you know how to leverage it! Let me help you to do exactly that.

In the past I worked with a whole range of companies in various industries before I specialized to work with East Asian suppliers for the automotive industry.


Kick-Off Workshops

Preparation is key! So that your international team can be the best version of itself: Performance without culture-bound misunderstandings. Specifically for East Asian automotive suppliers. Communication, objective agreement and strategies – all in 1 workshop.

Maximum number of participants: 10


For teams that have been working together for a while but communication is difficult and misunderstandings happen on a regular basis. We remove them by clearing relationships and gaining insight on how to communicate more effectively. Specifically for East Asian automotive suppliers.

Maximum participants: 10

My past and present clients:

Carl Zeiss
Activision Blizzard
Scheppach Günzburg Ichenhausen
Yourbridge Stuttgart
Nippon-Seiki Munich
Educational Centre Seligenthal Landshut
Chinesepod Shanghai
Fokus Languages&seminars Munich
Carl Duisburg Gesellschaft Cologne
Crossculture Academy Stuttgart
Openlanguage Shanghai/New York
Deutsch Uni Online (DUO) Munich
Meeting Point Munich
Flying Teachers Hamburg
LTC Hamburg
Global LT
College for Applied Sciences, Landshut
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
University of Mannheim
College of Philosophy Munich
College Kaiserslautern
University of the Bundeswehr Munich Neubiberg