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Do you often feel stressed? Then this trick is for you!


Do you know that: you wake up in the morning and right after opening your eyes your to-do-list for the day pops up. And this list is looooong and filled with all sorts of tasks – all more or less complex. So with a heavy sigh you get up, quickly make yourself a cup of coffee/tea. If you have kids it’s soon time to wake them up and usher them to get ready for school. Before you know it and before you have worked all the way through your list, the day is over and you feel exhausted. Does that sound familiar to you? Then I have good news: By using this little trick (which is only a tiny tweak of your behaviour) you will feel less stressed immediately. You will also get in contact with your true goals. Also you’ll get to know the power of intrinsic motivation.

It’s amazing what a small change in your mindset can do for you, just try it yourself!