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What would Columbus do?


It was his vision, something he had been dreaming of for more than half of his life before it finally happened: Christopher Columbus was convinced – like fellow visionaries of his time – the earth was a sphere and hence there had to be a seaway that would lead westwards beyond the horizon to China. Lucky for him the seaway to the East (around the Cape of Good Hope) was in the hands of Spain’s biggest competitors, the Portuguese, and the Ottomans controlled the overland route through central Asia. The only way for Spain to get hold of a piece of the colonial cake was to find another way to Asia and eventually they would listen to Columbus pledges to venture West.

We have all heard about Christoph Columbus and how he discovered America (well yes, of course it had already been discovered at least twice) but do we ever stop to realize what an extraordinary accomplishment that has been? Columbus had only his stubborn belief and some vague maps that suggested that Asia was merely 800 nautical miles to the West – a huge miscalculation. He would equip three ships, the Pinta, the Niña and the Santa Maria (his flagship), hire a not so terribly motivated crew and bunker food and water for 4 weeks.

Columbus wanted to venture beyond the horizon


And he got lucky again. Of course after 800 nautical miles there was nothing around them but water. At this point he had no idea that the nearest piece of land was still more than twice as far away and this wasn’t even going to be Asia. In addition they were becalmed and days turned into weeks. Provisions ran out and the crew was ready for mutiny when quite literally at the last minute the lookout shouted: “Land, ho!” Phew.

An achievement like Columbus’ is very hard to imagine now that we are blessed with all sorts of gadgets and technologies that make traveling (and living!) so much safer and more comfortable. But we are sometimes so caught up in our cherished safety and security that we forget that we once had dreams and visions of our own. There were things beyond our own personal horizons, too! What about you? What are your dreams and visions? What’s beyond your horizon? What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? If your job and life weren’t holding you back?

The Learning Zone


You don’t have to venture across the Atlantic in a sailing barge to leave your comfort zone. But remember your dreams and visions and don’t listen to the naysayers for once and think like a visionary: “Why not” instead of “Yes but”! You would like to find out what’s possible? Where your blocks are and how you can overcome them to live a more meaningful life? Contact me and we’ll have a talk! kontakt@rikepaetzold.de

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